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Trove, Levenshulme

Recently, I have made a pact with myself not to waste my days off. Rather than indulging in a 10 hour netflix binge and emerging in a cloud of self loathing and social media-induced… Continue reading

REVIEW: Hush Brasserie, St Pauls

A few weeks ago, amid deadline stress and exam overload, I decided to escape to London for the weekend to spend a bit of time with my family. As part of this quality… Continue reading

Review: A Place Called Common

Every few weeks I go out for a cheap dinner with friends for a little catch up. As unimaginative as this is, we normally just debate between curry-mile and Nandos, both excellent hangover… Continue reading

Font Fallowfield

I promised to try as hard as possible to review affordable restaurants in which people can actually eat on a daily basis. Therefore, this week I have chosen to review a bastion of… Continue reading

Home Sweet Home and The Great Food Divide

Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the great North, South divide in England. Politicians tell us the recession is over, we are in recovery, get back out and spend spend spend.… Continue reading

Birthday Lunch at Wahaca

The majority of food critics only write about ludicrously expensive restaurants. I don’t blame them. If I could eat for free wherever I went, I too would dine at three Michelin starred restaurants… Continue reading