My name is Tilly Embling, I started this blog when I was a student in Manchester to try and show students and others with small budgets (or tights fists!) that really good food can be inexpensive and quick and does not require thirty different bizarre gadgets to achieve. Despite my graduation my message has not changed. I am still focused on those with tiny kitchens, tiny budgets and waning enthusiasm for the type of unrealistic cookery broadcasted all over television and the internet.

This blog is not a money making venture, it is a mere documentation of the food I eat everyday. Sometimes the recipes may be simple and sometimes more extravagant depending on my own financial circumstances and schedule. To give some idea of the cost and complexity of each recipe I give a cost and washing up rating out of 3* showing how much mess you will make and how much you have to spend.  Most of my recipes are dreamt up by me but some I have filched from other chefs or blogs, I will always let you know when this is the case.

I spend most of my time between London and Manchester, although I go abroad as often as I can afford to. Whenever I eat out, whether the experience is good or scarring, I try to leave a review on here. Because of my limited budget I hope that my reviews may be somewhat of an antidote to those of major blogs or national newspapers for whom fifty pounds a head is deemed affordable.

This blog is really all about cheap good food for normal people. I hope you enjoy the recipes and give them a go yourself and if you have any questions leave me a comment! x

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