Cheaper Mushroom Risotto

musroom rissotto1

Summer is officially over. An anger has been sweeping over me slowly for the past week. I’m pretty pissed off that nobody asked my permission, or at least warned me, before the drizzle set in. Goodbye pipe dreams of bbqs and drinking in the park, hello slightly unflattering winter coat and depression.

On a lighter note, however, this means diets are out and over eating is in, let the gluttony begin! I can’t start on the pies just yet though because I am off on holiday next week. I’m not a big fan of flash diets but however shit the weather, serious pastry chomping cannot start until after the beach season, unfortunately.

mushroom risotto2

In my predicament, I turned to risotto. This is perfect comfort food, it is quick and warming. I ran in from the rain the other night and popped this on the stove as I went upstairs to peel off my wet clothes. I ate it piping hot, each forkful scolding my mouth on the way down. It is creamy, earthy, mushroomy deliciousness!

mushroom risotto 3Normally when I make mushroom risotto I use dried porcini mushrooms to make stock but joy of joys this crappy weather has coincided with the week before pay day. Thus this recipe is a slightly cheaper version than my usual but still equally, if not more, delicious.

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Something Summery- Asparagus, Courgette and Mint Risotto- Perfect for Busy Bees


So I have finished with uni for the year,  but I have not been free to revel in domestic bliss for long. Today was the first day of my two month summer job working as an ‘administrator’ (i.e. general dog’s body) in a financial advice company. Not only is the work dull, which is to say incredibly DULL, now I have even less time for cooking than I did at uni.


Luckily I am prepared for such eventualities with a host of recipes that take very little time to make and require minimal washing up, workers of the world not not despair you can still have delicious mid-week dinners. One of the best fail-safe speedy dinners is risotto. I chose to make it with asparagus, courgette and mint because its lovely and summery (and obviously it was the only thing I had in the fridge!) but if you just follow the first few steps then you can add any veggies you like at the end.IMG_0991

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