AMAZING Eggs for Brunchers

P1030168If you are anything like me, Saturdays call for lazy mornings in the kitchen accompanied by good food, great music and even greater dance moves. Saturday breakfast is one of the best things civilisation has given us, but in the last few years it has morphed into a new strange, unplaceable meal called brunch.  The reasoning behind brunch is as follows: we are all either fucked from the night before or just unashamedly lazy and can’t call this meal breakfast because we’re eating it at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I am usually not a fan of portmanteau words in the vain of “kimye” or “frenemy” but I am pretty chillaxed about this one because it has become so much part of our culture that it has adopted its own space in our language.







I like brunch, it sanctions laziness and it tastes good. You can do anything you want with brunch, it is the perfect combination of amazing breakfast things, that we wish we could eat all day, and more substantial lunchy stuff that properly fills you up. Take these eggs for instance, they are far to rich for early morning fare but they taste amazing and are, therefore, perfect for brunching. They are also really quick to make, unlike a full english, so you can get on with your day. Today my music of choice was Jimi Hendrix, the god that is, but I was barely half way through the album by the time I had cooked eaten and cleaned up!


Mediterranean style eggs
Serves two (because 
brunch is for friends)

  • half a red onion
  • About a quarter of a pack of feta
  • A  few small tomatoes (if you have them)
  • 4 medium eggs
  • A handful of basil leaves
  • Some nice bread

How to make it…

  • Chop up the red onion into chunky pieces and soften in a frying pan with some butter. Meanwhile whisk up the eggs, a dash of milk (if you have any) and some salt and pepper.
  • Add the eggs to the pan and then halve the tomatoes and roughly chop the feta and add it to the eggs. at this point give the mixture a bit of a stir to make sure everything is evenly distributed. When I say feta I actually mean what the supermarkets dub “greek salad cheese”. This is made with cows milk, it still tastes delicious and costs nearly £1 less!
  • At this point I put my nice ciabatta under the grill to make it nice a crispy. Unfortunately that didn’t turn out too well, it became substantially charcoaled. Basically, there’s no need to be fancy, normal sliced bread is much easier.
  • Scatter the basil leaves over the pan and turn the heat right down. Leave the eggs until the top is solid, I don’t like to flip them because they always end up falling apart when I do that! When it is done slide the omelette out onto a plate and serve with the bread. Unfortunately my frying pan has become more stick than non-stick so it looked a bit messy but it still tasted yummy!

Washing up rating *** I used a chopping board, a knife, a frying pan, a measuring jug, a fork and then the plate ad cutlery I ate it with.

Cost rating *** I used: half an onion costing 18p, 1/4 of a pack of tomatoes costing £1.75, half of a pack of basil costing 80p, 2/5 of a ciabatta costing £1.50, 1/4 of a pack of “feta” costing 75p and 2/3 of a box of eggs costing £1. In total I spent: £2.40, that’s only £1.20 per head!