Home Made Iced Tea

Iced Tea 1Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm up a bit I decided to share my recipe for this refreshing summer cooler. It takes a while to make but it is definitely worth it for one of those sweltering days when all you need is a cool turquoise swimming pool to dive into.

Iced Tea 2

Iced Tea 

  • 5 Earl Grey Tea Bags
  • One Peach
  • Half a Lemon
  • Loads of Ice
  • 50g of Sugar

How to Make it…

  • Brew a large pot or jug of tea with all the teabags. Stir through the sugar, remove the teabags and leave the tea to cool in the freezer. Once the tea is luke warm slice the peach, crush the slices and add to the tea so that it can properly infuse.
  • Leave for another few minutes before pouring over ice and slices of lemon.