Cheaper Mushroom Risotto

musroom rissotto1

Summer is officially over. An anger has been sweeping over me slowly for the past week. I’m pretty pissed off that nobody asked my permission, or at least warned me, before the drizzle set in. Goodbye pipe dreams of bbqs and drinking in the park, hello slightly unflattering winter coat and depression.

On a lighter note, however, this means diets are out and over eating is in, let the gluttony begin! I can’t start on the pies just yet though because I am off on holiday next week. I’m not a big fan of flash diets but however shit the weather, serious pastry chomping cannot start until after the beach season, unfortunately.

mushroom risotto2

In my predicament, I turned to risotto. This is perfect comfort food, it is quick and warming. I ran in from the rain the other night and popped this on the stove as I went upstairs to peel off my wet clothes. I ate it piping hot, each forkful scolding my mouth on the way down. It is creamy, earthy, mushroomy deliciousness!

mushroom risotto 3Normally when I make mushroom risotto I use dried porcini mushrooms to make stock but joy of joys this crappy weather has coincided with the week before pay day. Thus this recipe is a slightly cheaper version than my usual but still equally, if not more, delicious.

Mushroom Risotto (serves 1)

  • one Portobello mushroom
  • 5 chestnut mushrooms
  • a handful of oyster mushrooms
  • one mug of stock
  • half an onion
  • a clove of garlic
  • half a mug of risotto rice
  • parmesan
  • lemon juice


How to Make it…

  • Start with the onions, chop finely and add to the pan with a glug of oil. Add the garlic diced as finely as possible.
  • Once the onions are translucent add the rice, allow the edges to go clear and then squeeze over some lemon choice, if you have some open, add a dash of white wine at this point, I’m on a money saving drive so I didn’t.
  • Once any liquid has evaporated add the first dash of stock and half your portobello mushroom finely diced. Adding it this earlier means you can get an intense mushroom flavour without having to spend loads of money on dried mushrooms.
  • I added two of the chestnuts mushrooms finely diced with the second lot of stock, after all liquid had evaporated. I then left the mushrooms, adding only liquid for the next three goes.
  • whilst the rice was evaporating all the stock I chopped the remaining chestnut and portobello mushrooms, into different shapes and sizes to add texture.
  • Once the rice was nearly done I added them to the pan, don’t add you’re oyster mushrooms as they cook really quickly.
  • Keep cooking the rice until it is just about done but leave a little stock aside. At this point add the remaining stock, oyster mushrooms (torn up over the pan), a handful of grated parmesan, salt and pepper and a few basil leaves if you have any lying about.
  • Put the lid on and leave to simmer until all the remaining liquid has gone. Serve topped with parmesan.
  • Perfect!

Cost Rating *** I used: 1/4 of a packet of flat mushrooms costing £1, 5 chestnut mushrooms costing 25p, 1/2 a pack of oyster mushrooms costing £1.25, 1/4 of a bag of rice costing £1, 1/2 a stock cube from a pack costing 90p, half an onion costing 20p, 1/10 of a block of parmesan costing £2.60, 1/8 of a lemon costing 36p. Total cost: £1.60

Washing up rating ** I used: a knife, a chopping board, a mug, a pan, a wooden spoon, a grater, a fork and a bowl.